Cannabis 101

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Cannabis 101

About this Course

The Cannabis 101 course is an introduction to the cannabis history, the plant, current Canadian laws governing it’s use, and the various methods of consumption. The Cannabis 101 course covers all the bases to help you have a 360 degree view of the cannabis plant and it’s uses.

This course provides basic guidelines for gaining a well-rounded understanding of cannabis and it’s uses. The course is about providing the most effective information to cover the basics of cannabis.

This course is for anyone looking to learn more about the cannabis plant that isn’t already familiar. This course is for employees and companies looking to gain a good understanding of the basics of cannabis without being overloaded with unnecessary information. This course is for those wanting to be effective in their learning and move forward to take action.

You will learn the history of the cannabis plant and the basic plant life cycle. You will understand the difference between the types of cannabis strains and their effects. You will learn the difference between cannabis flower and extracts. You will be informed on the most updated information on Canadian cannabis laws and regulations.

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