Business Training

Business Training

MyBud Academy certified training is here to help ensure your employees are trained to the highest professional standards in the industry.

Why MBA Business Training

It’s no secret trained employees increase sales and reduce mistakes. The problem is trained professionals in the cannabis industry are far and few between, too expensive, and inconvenient for both employees and businesses.

MyBud Academy complies with Canadian cannabis safety acts, while focusing on the most effective path to running your business with a professionally trained, successful staff.

Empower Your Employees

It’s easy to register your employees and track their progress. Watch your team complete each milestone as they learn from wherever and whenever is most convenient for them.

Masked employee extracting a sample from a cannabis plant and placing into a testing vial
Large number of cannabis plants growing into the distance in a controlled greenhouse environment

Grow Your Business

Each program has been endorsed by leading Canadian cannabis experts and compliant with Canadian cannabis laws. The platform gives you access to our ever growing training programs ranging from growing, sales training, customer service, extractions, and more.

Improve Productivity, Increase Profitability

When employers have a well trained team, it ultimately leads to a more profitable and efficient workplace environment. Training improves efficiency and productivity of employees. Well trained employees show both quantity and quality performance. Every MyBud Academy course complies with Canadian cannabis business regulations updated monthly.

Worker hands cultivating and pruning buds of cannabis
Cannabis bud in the seam of an open book

Certifications Guided by the Canadian Guidelines

The benefit of MyBud Academy programs compared to other training platforms is that each program only includes pertinent information regarding Canadian cannabis guidelines and regulations for that particular certification. So you know your employees are getting the meat and potatoes of what they need, instead of a lot of fluff from other programs with excess information that only slows them down from reaching their goal of becoming a certified employee.

Get Staff Certified

Once students pass the final exam we’ll send them a certificate of completion. All programs have been certified and approved by Canadian industry leaders. The programs follow the rules and regulations of the Canadian legal acts. Every MyBud Academy course is endorsed by local Canadian industry leaders to provide the most value to you and your certification.



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Platform Features

Track Employee Progress

Unlimited registration for all your employees, track their progress from an administration panel.

Flexible Online Courses

Employees can study from anywhere, at their own pace through a variety of written and video courses.

Practical Quizzes

Track employee progress and have them apply what they’ve learned with practical quizzes.

Empower your employees with a higher education


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Satisfaction Guaranteed

MyBud Academy guarantees a training course certified with the Ontario grant program. A system set up with trained employees to run a smooth operation and a guide for them to follow for a successful company.