About Us

About Us

Our mission is simple; Educate. Connect. Grow. We strive to advance excellence in cannabis practices by focusing on these three components.

Meet Your Instructor

Derick Smith, portrait

Derick Smith

Director, MyBud Academy

Derick has always had a passion and natural talent in breaking down complex subjects and simplifying them. Derick has been a top producing agent and team leader for the #1 real estate team in SW Florida. Leading the team through various training has allowed him to hone his meta learning skills over the last 8 years to fully understand the levels of individual comprehension to produce desired training results.

Starting his cannabis education in 2005 at Florida Gulf Coast University, Derick wrote his first report on cannabis and its effects on society. From there, he has voraciously read and completed various programs on cannabis. His strengths are in education and entrepreneurship with vast knowledge in the direct cultivation, extraction, legal, and retail set up of cannabis. He has combined his knowledge of the green space with his experience training teams to deliver an unmatched learning experience.

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