Online training for the Cannabis Industry

MyBud Academy is the premier destination for individuals and businesses to further their cannabis education; at their own pace, on their own time. Learn how to cultivate at home as well as in a corporate setting, how to become a top “budtender”, how to operate a dispensary, and much more. Take control and become a pioneer of the industry.

Great courses from certified instructors

MyBud is dedicated to the growing community. From web tutorials on successful growing, our curriculum-based video content, to our anonymous/named forum you can choose.

Learn anywhere at your own pace

Desktop or mobile, learn when it’s convenient for you with structured course progression

Apply what you learn, as you learn

Interactive quizzes throughout courses let you test your knowledge as you learn

Get certified

Completing courses awards you profile badges, and printable certificates

Programs Designed for Business Owners

Programs designed to benefit business owners, dispensary technicians, and employees through education and training based on the best practices in the industry. Whether you want to apply quality control, licensing success, or improve customer service, MyBud has you covered.

Masked employee extracting a sample from a cannabis plant and placing into a testing vial

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